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Octyl salicylate
Products Salicylamide
Chemical Name Bezamide, 2-hydroxy, 2-hydroxybenzamide
Molecular Formsula C7H5O3N
Properties White crystal or crystal powder, odourless and tasteless. Slightly soluble in alcohol or propanediol and Glycerin. Hardly soluble in ether and chloroform insoluble nearly in water, soluble in sodium hydroxide solution, its solution appears acid reaction.
Specification (USP24/JP8)
M.P. 139-142
Content: 98.0-102%
Heavy metal: 10PPm
Loss of drying 0.5%
Residenonignition 0.1%
Packing 25kg in febreboard-made pail attached with paper or poly ethylene bag inside.
Storage in sealed lightproof container.
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