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Products Industrial Salicylic Acid
Chemical Name Bengoic acid,-2hydroxcySalicylic acid
Molecular Formsula C7H6O3
Properties crystal powder in pale pink to pale brown, colourless, sweet first and then hot, no chemical change in the air. Atmosphevical sulbimating at the tempurature over 76 tlalte to decarloxylate and change into phenol and dioxide when heated tmospherically, and its agueous solution appeas acid reaction becomes purple with Feel3. Slightly dissolues in water but dissolves in boiling water easily solublein ethanol or ether slightly soluble in chloroform.
Specification (GB/T3398-1975)
Content: 99.0%
M.P. 156.0
Phenol: 0.20%
Ash 0.30%
Packing Package in polypropylene knitted bag attached with paper polyethylene plastic bag inside. Net weight 50kg
Storage must be in dry room
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